Clusterfest Is Coming

02/27/2017 Views: 2,325

Get ready for a comedy and music festival so big that you'll be clearing glitter out of you orifices for at least six months. (1:56)

- [Woman] It's an experiment in,

in human consciousness.

- [Man] It's like pushing the reset button of your soul.

- [Girl] If that makes sense.

- [Woman] It's glitter bombs that will live inside

every one of your orifices for weeks.

- [Announcer] Wait, what?

From the creators of Bannaroo and Outside Lands

and the network that made it cool to say

- Gee

- [Announcer] Comes acomedy and music mashup

of festival proportions.

Comedy Central presents

Colossal Cluster Fest

featuring Jerry Seinfeld,

Kevin Hart,

Bill Burr,

Sarah Silverman,

Chris Hardwick,

and a special appearanceby your actual soulmate.

- Wheeeeeeee!

Fun times.

- [Announcer] Musical performances by Ice Cube,

Tegan and Sara,


Preservation Hall Jazz Band,

Vince Staples,

and more with those (beep) glitter bombs.

Plus Bob Odenkirk, Tig Notaro, Fred Armisen,

Lil Dicky, Moshe Kasher, 2 Dope Queens, Chris Gethard,

Ginger Minj, Bob the Drag Queen, Michelle Buteau,

James Adomian, Jay Larson, Joe Derosa, Nate Bargatze,

guy in a horse mask.

Oh, and did we mention,Jerry Seinfeld!

- I don't know what any of this is.

- [Announcer] But wait, there's more!

Hannibal Buress,

will be there and so will Broad City,

Reggie Watts and Maya Rudolph's Prince

cover band, Princess.

Plus Roy Wood Jr., Rachel Bloom, Anna Faris,

How Did This Get Made Podcast,

and Superjam featuring Les Claypool's Bastard Jazz.

Explore the worlds of your favorite comedies

like South Park.

- Honey (beep)

- [Announcer] Seinfeld

- Good luck with all that.

- [Announcer] And It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

- [Bar Crowd] Straight up, straight up in Philadelphia.

- [Announcer] Comedy Central presents

Colossal Cluster Fest.

June second, third andfourth in San Fransisco.

- Ohhh, ohhhh

- I will be there.

- What up?

(crowd cheers)

- Can we go now, can we just be there,

can we just be there now?

How do we get there?

- See you at Cluster Fest!