Exclusive - Amy Goes Deep with a Climate Change Skeptic

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Amy tries to understand why Todd, a Libertarian climate change skeptic, doesn't think global warming is an imminent threat. (4:56)

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- So Todd, you are aclimate change skeptic,

is that correct?

- Yup, I don't know if you'd wanna call me a complete

denier in that I acknowledge that there is a

greenhouse effect, that's a normal part of science,

but the idea that it's a big, scary imminent, likely

catastrophe, I think is overblown.

- So okay, I went to astate school and I have

a lower back tattoo.

I'm like a house wife onLong Island basically,

without a family or a working uterus.

But the things that I know, which are facts,

the world is getting warmer, there's no question.

- A little.

- A little warmer.

- A little.

- This has been the hottest year ever on record,

and the last 10 years, the temperature have

been the hottest ever.

- There are changesworth keeping track of,

and the question alwaysis, "Are they drastic,

"are they mild?"

- Listening to that, theway it registers with me

is the way that you reduced what's going on in the

environment would bethe same as saying like

that Malala got slapped around and she should have

just walked it off.

- (chuckles) Uh...

- Todd, do you really not believe that the world

is getting hotter quick?

- I believe it is getting only slightly warmer

and it's not happening that fast.

- Well if it's 1000 years from now, are we saying

like "(bleep) those people," or should we maybe

like think that maybe there will be some

useful humans still?

- We're not in a position to screw the people 1,000

years from now if we wanted to.

They will probably be so different, they'll probably

be like cyborgs or energy beings or something.

100 years ago--

- When I hear you saythat, I think that maybe

you are a crazy person.

It's just gonna becyborgs running around?

- Quite possibly.

The long-term of that isbasically that if wealth

and technology keep increasing rapidly,

we'll have a lot more tools to deal with these problems.

- Yeah, it sounds like we're gonna have light sabers soon.

- Yeah.

- I would be curious, what is something that you think

there's enough evidence to prove?

- I mean there are plenty of claims in ordinary

science that I think are much stronger--

- Like what, do you think we walked on the moon?

- Yes.

- Do you think 9/11 was real?

Do you think that Sophia Vegara has butt implants?

- I don't know exactly whather butt looks like I'm afraid.

- Now I really don't trust you.

Wouldn't it be worth it because we can make

some changes, we can make changes just in case?

Just in case all these storms and the crazy

weather is because of that.

- It would be insane to protect yourself as if every

risk were infinitely large.

So you don't walk aroundwearing a condom all day

if there doesn't appearto be any imminent sex.

- I'm wearing a dental dam right now, just in case.

- See, I think youmight be hyper-cautious.

- What?

- That could be part of the problem.

And surely, this bar isgonna be under water.

Is that part of the story?

- This bar was under water two years ago, but...

- Even if temperatures and sea levels started rising

faster than most of the moderate rain prediction say,

we might be better off putting money into dikes.

- What did you call me?

- (laughs) No, what doyou have against dikes?

- When we are showing this interview, I think--

- You're gonnasuperimpose scuba gear?

- Can we, would you be mad?

Because that's a really good idea.

- Shouldn't have suggested it.

- We're doing it, right now there's scuba gear on you

so maybe like do you wanna like act like...

No, alright, but still it's happening.

Just know it's on there.

So you wrote a book?

- Yes.

- What's it called?

- Libertarianism for Beginners.

- You're a libertarian.

And that means you kindof think the government

should get the (bleep) out of here and it should

be free markets, right?

- That's true.

- I hear this, and again, state school,

I think we're never gonna be a libertarian government.

But why sign up for thisteam that can't win?

It's like being a heel in wrestling.

- You gotta do the right thing.

- Except you're not getting any pussy.

No, I'm not saying, I'm sure you do fine.

- Aw, chucks.

- Tons of puss, just...

- I will say libertarianism is getting more

gender balanced than it used to.

Used to be a joke.

- What about just like joining city sports

and playing like flag football,there's usually girls there.

- I don't think I'd be very good at catching a ball.

However, it's getting more female even as we speak.

- You sound like my brother talking about jazz.

"There was a girl at the show tonight."

And we're like "sure there was."

I like you.

And here's why.

The way you talk reminds me of my favorite Muppets,

and how your voice willlike go up but you don't

change your facial expression.

You know you're like "and then da da da," but your

face doesn't like matchwhat you're doing.

- I've been told I do a really decent Kermit the Frog--

- Can I try to talk like you?

- Oh sure.

- Okay, I have to warm up to it.

"And that's why all the people are, we're rational,"

wait, "we're," shit it's really hard.

I don't know how you do it, you really keep

your face the exact sameno matter how loud--

- Which is bad for TV purposes.

- "Which is bad for TV purposes!"

- (laughs)

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