Jonah & Kumail - Let's Break Her Brain - Uncensored

The One with the Little Girl Named Lucy Season 2, Ep 3 07/14/2015 Views: 1,145

After a filthy conversation about sex, Jonah and Kumail are disturbed to realize that there's a young girl in the audience. (1:17)

Okay, so, usually we hostthe show...Yes.

but we don't reallydo anything filthy.No.

Also, there are always justgrown-ups at the show.

It was-- don't look in thatdirection.

What are you trying to say?

It was brought to my attentionafter we did...

the filthiest thing we'veever done...Yeah.

where we comprehensivelycovered ever sex thing.

Yeah, but--

We covered every sex thing,beginning to end.Yeah, huh?

That there is... very closeto the front...No.

a very young audience member.

In fact, some people would thinkthat we saw a young audiencemember...

and were like,"Let's break her brain."

Oh, fuck.

I'm sorry, I am.

If we had seen you...

we would not have done thatand I'm really sorry.

If we had seen you, we wouldn'thave broken the law!

This child--There is a child.

She'll be fine, she's alreadyheard some real filthy shit.

This-- this is disturbing,though.

Good.That was mean.


She lives in the world.

World's disturbing, right?