Chelsea Handler - Speaking Out for the Marginalized on "Chelsea"

December 1, 2016 - Chelsea Handler 12/01/2016 Views: 12,345

Chelsea Handler makes a plea for women to support each other in the wake of the 2016 election and talks about standing up for subjugated groups on her show "Chelsea." (6:02)

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Please welcome Chelsea Handler.

(cheering and applause)

-Oh!-How are you?

Hi, guys.

-Hi.-I'm so excited.

I'm excited, too.

Can I tell you how crazythis is for me?

Because I've been a fan of youand your shows for so long.

I never dreamed of a day

when I would be interviewingChelsea Handler.

What did you dream about?


No, but-but you-you wereone of the few people

who had me on-on your show.

-I came... Yeah, I came...-He was on my show.

We did a dinner partyand you were-- yeah.

-And I thought... -Back in,back in, back in the day.

I did the panel on the...

Oh, I forgot about that,I didn't remember that part.

But I was so impressed with you

when I met you this last time,and then I read your book.

And I thought wow, for 32--are you still 32?

-I'm still, I'm still 32.-Oh.

-We met, like, a few weeks ago.-Wow. Yeah.

-But thank you.-But, I mean...

I like that you think that Iaged in between, but thank you.

You never know. I mean,birthday's can come up,

just when you least expect them.

But I was so impressed with youbecause I thought,

what a responsible individualyou are.

You're so knowledgeableand sagacious

about this whole communityand politics,

and American polit-- like,political theater.

And I just was really impressedwith you, so.

Well, thank you.Thank you very much.

I'm happy that you're doingthe job you're doing.

I appreciate it;thank you very much.

It's a good serviceto everybody.

And, uh, thank you,thank you for being here,

-because...-(cheering and applause)

Honestly, you have accomplishedso much in your life.

You are really one of the mostsuccessful people I know.

-You're great at everything...-Yet still remain a virgin,

-so thank you very much.-(laughter)

-That's one of your successes,Chelsea. -Yes, it is.

The ability to turn it down.

Um... no, but, I mean,y-you know,

you-you've madeso many great TV shows.

Thousands of episodeswhen you were on E!

And now you've started againon Netflix,

and you had a great documentaryseries and standup.

But, you know, there are momentsthat you remember

from everyone's career,and for me, one of those moments

was just after the election,when I was watching your show

and you honestly had

one of the mostvulnerable moments on screen.

And it was in reactionto the election result.

I... When you weregoing on screen, like,

I mean, what was goingthrough your head

when you... when you weregoing through all of that?

Honestly, I got up that dayand I just was...

I was so upset. It was the worstfeeling I think I've ever felt.

It was worse than even, like,the worst breakup I've ever had.

All the peoplethat worked for me,

which are many millennials,said... I said,

"I can't do this today.There's no way I can do a show.

I can't get my act together,my face together."

I was just like, "How am I gonna

get through thiswithout crying on TV?"

And then I did cry on TV,and you know what, good,

I'm glad I cried.I was really upset.

-(cheering and applause)-Here's a question I have.

For-for Chelsea Handler...

I mean, a lot of people criedfor many different reasons.

What would you say-- it may behard to distill it down

to one thought-- but what doyou think was the biggest reason

you felt the way you didafter the election?

I... I mean, there areso many things that he did

that were so upsetting,but I think that time

that Jorge Ramos--remember when he stood up

-to ask him a question?-Yes. Yes.

Do you guys remember that?He's that journalist from...

-Univision, yeah.-And he told him, he goes,

"Sit down. Sit down."And he talked to him

like he was a dog.And his-his racism...

And the thing...This is what inspires me

and also is troubling, but itgets me filled with conviction,

is I can be a voice to peoplethat don't have a voice.

I can stick up for Muslimsand the LGBT community

and women and black people.

And whoever needs a (bleep)voice, I will be your voice.

-So I feel...-(cheering and applause)

That-That's what gets me...

Like, when I saw himtreat somebody like that,

I was like, "No, no, no, no.Not while I'm in this world."

And not like I'm the...You know, there are a million

-of us... millions of us.We have to remember -Yeah.

this was a very... You know,she won the popular vote.

We're not alone.So don't despair.

As, you know, Kamala Harris,our new senator

for the state of Californiain the United States Senate

said, she goes:this is... Don't despair.

This is the timeto roll your sleeves up.

And ladies need to get to work.

And I think that there isa problem in this country,

not with just men and women--

I think there's a problemwith women and women.

And we need to (bleep)address it.

In what way?

I don't thinkwomen support women.

When 40...

I don't know what the percentageis. Is it 48 or...?

I think it was 53%of white women

-who voted for Trump.-Like I said. 48.

-(laughter)-53% of white, educated women,


college-graduated,or college graduates.

-Yeah.-What-what... Anyway...

-(laughter) -Um, white womenvote for that man.

-Yes. -Then we havea real problem when...

I understandif you don't like Hillary.

I get that.I totally get it.

But forget aboutif you like her or not.

Look at what she's done.

Then you needto get behind that woman,

whether you(bleep) like her or not.

You get behind somebodywho's done the job.

Versus some guy who's a self...

Uh, who... I mean, I can't evendiscuss him in real terms.

He's not a real person.

He takes advantageof everyone around him.

And if women are doing that,then we have a problem

with women A: listeningto their husbands too much,

-so get rid of them.-(laughter)

-And B...-(laughter, applause & cheering)

You have to... I'm not talkingabout supporting women

for the sake of being a woman.That's not what I'm saying.

Yes. Which is a conversationthat's come up, but I hear you.

Of course not.You can't just say,

"Oh, you're a woman.Come over here." No.

-But when the woman...-Especially not in that tone.

-When the woman...-That's like a... -(laughter)

When the womanthat is in play is that...

And the most qualified.You're... I-I...

The most qualified.That is, you know...

Had all these yearsof dedicating her life

to women and children.

There's something wrong with youif you don't think,

"Oh, this is time for usto shatter this

"so that we can move onin 20 years,

and then you can get the (bleep)woman you want in there."

-Sorry. Anyway...-(laughter)

I would talk to you all day,

but unfortunately,we still have ad breaks

and we have time limits,so I'll have to have you back,

-Okay.-if you'll join me.

-Yes, always, always.-Thank you for being here.

-My pleasure, Thank you.-It's wonderful having you.

New episodes of Chelsea dropon Netflix Wednesday,

Thursday and Friday.

Chelsea Handler, everybody.