Stephen Lynch Interview

South Beach Comedy Festival 2008 Season 1, Ep 2 01/24/2008 Views: 9,554

Stephen Lynch discusses his special, being from the North and going out in Miami. (1:13)

-Hey, everybody.

I'm Stephen Lynch, andI'm here at the South

Beach Comedy Festival.

I found the inside of myhotel room to be beautiful.

Yeah, and I have notventured outside.

You know, I'm from the north.

I like it cold.

I'm sticky andhot, and you know,

from my air-conditioned room.

I'll probably hit a coupleof bars and casinos,

and try to-- try to spend allthat huge Comedy Central money

that I'm getting for doing this.

I've been here many times.

Never to Miami, but I'veplayed West Palm, and Orlando,

and, uh, Fort Lauderdale,all the spring break towns.

But I've never hit the tropicalparadise that is Miami.

Yeah, my special just aired,and I've heard it's OK.

I've never watched it, and Iprobably will never watch it

because, you know, wonderful asyou guys-- the job you guys do

with these specials,I'm far too nit

picky and critical of my ownperformances to, uh, watch


Because I'd be, like,oh, I missed that note,

and I screwed upthat guitar part.

So I hear it's pretty good,but I've never seen it.

I'm writing a newalbum, and I hope

to have that done sometimein 2020 at this rate.

No, the sooner, the better.

I need to, you know, finishit up and record it, and then

get back out on theroad and tour with it.