Al Madrigal - No Privacy Pt. 2

Al Madrigal: Why Is the Rabbit Crying? Season 1, Ep 1 04/26/2013 Views: 8,310

Al Madrigal must defend his manhood to his two-year-old daughter. (1:59)

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I tried to hit herwith the paper a little bit.

Nothing hard.

Just a couple littlegentle swats,

but she immediatelycontorted her body

to stay an inch away

like, "Ha, ha, ha."

And worked her assaround me,

came around the side of me,

and then got a quick lookat my butt crack.

And her first wordsin the bathroom are,

"Hey,Daddy's got a 'gina."

Immediately I go from tryingto get her out of the bathroom

to defending my manhoodto this two-year-old.

"What are you talking about?Daddy doesn't have a 'gina.

"Daddy's a man.Get out of here.

"Daddy's a 'gina-less man.

"You get out of here.He's a--'gina.

"Doing man stuffin the bathroom,

"reading the sports page.

Get out of here."

Finally I hit herwith the paper pretty good.

And in the scuffle,a towel fell,

and then the doorstayed open.

I got her out.

And she knew she got to mebecause she took an opportunity.

She walked around and justin the crack of the door,

you sawtwo little eyes appear

with a Disney Princessessippy cup.

She just looked at meand started going,

"Daddy's got a 'gina.Daddy's got a 'gina.

"Daddy got a 'gina.Daddy got a 'gina.

Daddy's got a 'gina."

Leaving me mumblingin the bathroom going,

"Daddy doesn't have a 'gina.Daddy's a man.

"Get out of here.

Daddy's a 'gina-less man."

And she must have leftat some point

because my wife poppedher head in and goes,

"What the [bleep] are youtalking about? Daddy--

I thoughtyou were Swiffing."

"Where the hell were you?

Daddy's a man."

"Daddy's a man."

[cheers and applause]