Donald Trump's Muslim Vetting Process

August 16, 2016 - Yaa Gyasi & Sharlto Copley 08/16/2016 Views: 19,329

After Donald Trump lays out his plan for Muslim immigrants to undergo "extreme vetting," The Best F#@king News Team imagines what that process could entail. (2:26)

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now, Donald Trump did includeone policy idea in his speech

that for me really stuck out.

We should only admitinto this country

those who share our valuesand respect our people.

The time is overdue to developa new screening test

for the threats we face today.

I call it extreme vetting.

I call it extreme...

extreme vetting.

And I call it extreme vetting!

Extreme v...

I call it extreme v...

Donald Trump isthe biggest joke.

I'm sorry, people.It's like he's auditioning

for the Extreme Vettingcommercial.

Extreme...I call it extreme v...

Okay, wait. Give me...I call it extreme vetting.

Like, how many takes do we get?

It's live, Donald! It's live!

He thinks it gets biggerwith extreme...

More extreme. Extremer!

Most extremist!

Extremist of all.

The big question is,

what does extreme vettingactually look like?

Well, it turns outwe may have a little answer.

Welcome to America.

Have a great day.


(Middle-Eastern music playing)

(music stops)

As-Salaam-Alaikum, buddy.


Before I welcome youinto this great country,

I'm gonna have to put youthrough some...

-♪ -extreme vetting.

Well, actually,I live here, s...

Question one.

What makes America the greatestcountry in the world?


(bleep), Marry, Kill--Statue of Liberty,

Osama bin Laden,First Lady Melania Trump.

Favorite TV show.

Live with Kelly?

-Don't you mean Homeland? -Come on.

Sir, I'm gonna need youto take a biometric test.

Please place your hand on this.

Hey, uh, man,could I just go through?

Yeah, go for it.Have a great time.

Extreme vetting!