Brandon Wardell - Justin Bieber's Prayer

The One Without Neil deGrasse Tyson Season 3, Ep 5 10/25/2016 Views: 2,474

When Brandon Wardell attended a Justin Bieber Q&A, the pop star led the audience in prayer in the wake of a terrorist attack. (2:42)

I went to a Justin Bieber showrecently

And the thing is,it wasn't advertised

as a Justin Bieber concert;

it was advertised asa Justin Bieber Q&A.

And my friend, Rosen,hit me up about it.

He was like, "Hey, man,I have two free VIP tickets

"to a Justin Bieber Q&Aat the Staples Center,

do you want to go?"

I was like, "I've never wantedto hear

"anything more in my life.

Yes, absolutely."

And so we go, and it wasthe day of, like,

that huge tragedy in Paris,right?

And so, Justin Bieber'smanager--

I'm gonna make it funny,don't worry--

Justin Bieber's manager,Scooter Braun,

comes on stage and he's like,

"Guys, as you know, there isa huge tragedy in Paris today.

So Justin Bieber's going tolead us all in prayer."

And then, Justin Bieber proceedsto skateboard on stage,

tries to land a kickflip,doesn't land a kickflip,

everybody goes insane anyway.

And then like, we all bowour heads, close our eyes--

I peeked a little bit--and then he's like,

"Dear God,

"I'm sure things mustbe so hard for you right now.

"But, we trust you.


And that was the whole prayer.

And then, like,the first question

was somebody in the crowdthat was like, "Hey, Justin,

what was it like workingwith Travis Scott?"

And like, that was for surejust like,

Travis Scott wearing a wig.

both: Who is Travis Scott?

- Perfect.- [laughing]


- More dumb questions,more dumb answers.

Then somebody's like, "HeyJustin, what was your day like?"

And then Justin's like, "Man...

Nobody really asks me that."

And then the whole crowd's like,

"Oh my God, he's so richbut he's so sad."