Ashley Magdalene

Terrible People Season 1, Ep 9 06/25/2013 Views: 34,892

If you're a Christian man or woman who is looking to have a discreet sexual encounter with a fellow Christian, then Ashley Magdalene is the service for you. (1:04)


and you're lookingfor a meaningful relationship

on the side.

Now you can find God's othermatch for you


With my husband so busy runninga gay rehab center,

it's importantto me to cheat with someone

who shares my Christian values.

It's easy and free.

Start browsing millions ofprofiles online

at the leadingsite for Christian cheating.

♪ Catch me, Jesus,I'm falling ♪

♪ Hear me Jesus I'm...

I'll be intown for a few days

chairing a convention on Faith,Flag and Family

and I'd like to meet a discreetwoman of strong moral character

who will let me try itin the butt.

Don't ask"What would Jesus do?"

Ask, "Who would Jesus do?"

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I live in the woodswith my wife and nine children

and I just want to meet anotherguy in my same situation.

Nothing sexual.

I just wantto hang out like dudes.

Maybe measure each other'spigs.

Ashley Magdalene.

Find God'sother match for you.