Backstage Jam

The One with the Travel Stories Season 1, Ep 4 08/14/2014 Views: 4,238

Pete Holmes, Kyle Kinane and Tom Lennon play a genuinely beautiful song for Kumail Nanjiani and Garfunkel and Oates. (1:15)

She wants to be a virgin,so I put it where she poops.

I love this song.I forgot about this song.

It was more complicatedthan I expected.

I wish I had a harmonica.

How about your mouth?

There's a kazoo over there.Do you want the kazoo?

Do it.Yeah, I feel like you need that.

You have to hum into it.

I thought nothing was missinguntil the kazoo came in.

Yeah.Now it's perfect.

Oh, you guys...that was beautiful.

That was genuinely beautiful.That was gorgeous.

That wasn't comedy beautiful,that was like moving.