Uncensored - Tom Rhodes - Presidential D**k Pics

Jesse Joyce, Al Jackson, Tom Rhodes Season 1, Ep 8 06/01/2014 Views: 11,501

Tom Rhodes hopes that the U.S. evolves to the point where d**k pics become integral to presidential campaigns. (1:41)

I dated thisgirl years ago.

She was nasty.

We'd be having sex and she'dbe like, "talk dirty to me,

talk dirty to me."

And that's not mystyle, you know?

The only way I know how to talkdirty to a girl is from the

porno movies I've seen.

So, I be like, you love thatbig black dick, don't you?

You love that bigblack dick, don't you?

I think it says a lot about ourcountry and how far we've come

as a people in that now, it'sno big deal that at one time,

our presidentsmoked marijuana.

Remember, ten/twentyyears ago,

that was a big issuein this country.

But, we grew.

We evolved.

Now, it's no big deal.

Imagine how much furtherwe're gonna grow as a people.

Imagine ten, 20 years from now,maybe it'd be no big deal that

at one time our president tooka picture of his dick

and texted itto a girl.

And, we will have allseen it and discussed it.

He was young whenhe did that.

But, what a beautifuldick he had!

How could he resist?

And, then we'll be like, well,why doesn't the other candidate

release picturesof his dick?

I'm not gonna vote forsomebody I don't know

what his harddick looks like.

He gonna run my country,I wanna know what his hard dick

looks like.

Men with penisproblems start wars.

I want my leader to havea hard dick on him, baby.