Donald of Orange - C**ksplatting and F**ktrumpeting

Monday, June 27, 2016 06/27/2016 Views: 408

Donald Trump gets Scotland's vote on the Brexit decision wrong, so Mike Phirman, Robin Thede and Greg Proops cut him down with Scottish-style insults. (2:18)

Speaking of American ignorance,sundried tornado Donald Trump

showed up in Scotland

on Friday to promotehis local golf courses.

And to demonstratejust how little he understands

about the world around him,he tweeted this.

(reading as Trump):


"Except, of course...except, of course

golf which is a game thatI'm here to promote right now."

And also, I don't know

if this is somethingthat Donald wasn't aware of

is that Scotland voted againstBrexit by a wide goddamn margin!

-(laughter, applause)-As thousands of tweeters...

We're very quick to point out...

with beautifully-worded gemslike...


(applause and cheering)

Oh, this is one of thousands.


-And... "Scotland..."-(laughter, applause)


"Scotland hates both Brexit..."

-Wow. -Well...(cheers and applause)

I (bleep) love Scotland.

THEDE:It's amazing.

Well, as leastthere's one delusional Scot

who still supports Trumpon Twitter-- Scott Baio.


So, comedians in lightof all the (bleep) splatting

and (bleep) trumpeting,I would like you

to give me anotherScottish-style Trump insult.

Greg Proops.

(with Scottish accent):You thistle-chewing,

haggis-swilling, (bleep)

flocking badger-painted nub.

HARDWICK:All right. Points.

-(applause and cheering)-Points. Mike Phirman.

(Scottish accent): You can takeyour piss-soaked raccoon wig

back to your golden towerwith your wee hands

but you'll nevertake our freedom!

HARDWICK:All right. Points.

-(applause and cheering)-Points.

Uh, Robin Thede.

Go to hell,you cantaloupe-colored

jizz bagpipe.

And that was a really good solid

-Scottish accent, too. Yeah.-Jizz bagpipe. Yeah, jizz...

That was dead-on, that accent.