Joe Rogan - Explaining Kim Kardashian to Aliens Pt. 2

Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High Season 1, Ep 1 11/21/2014 Views: 27,166

Joe Rogan reviews Kim Kardashian's path to fame and hypothesizes that aliens would never understand her financial success. (1:22)

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and Kimis Robert Kardashian's daughter,

and when a dadleaves behind a daughter,

it leaves a hole.

There's a void.

Men need moms,

and girls need dads.

There's this weird thingthat happens.

We have a yin and a yang,

and when a young girlgrows up without a father,

a lot of times, theydevelop this exorbitant need

for male attention,

and it can manifest itselfin some really sad ways,

like they could becomestrippers,

or they become prostitutes,or in Kim's case,

she [bleep]ed this black guywith a giant dick,

and she filmed it, and then,it got on the internet,

and she was like,"How'd that get out there?"

She went on from that to make

50 times more than the presidentof the United States.

Those are real numbers.

If you wentto Harvard business school,

and said "Listen, I'm thinkingabout starting a business.

"I want to make about 50times more than the president.

"Here's my plan.

"I'm gonna [bleep] an R&B singerwith a giant dick,

"and I'm gonna film it,

and that's it."

They would be like,"Get the [bleep]

"out of our office.

You don't know shitabout business."

And meanwhile,they were wrong.

They were wrong,and she's right.

A woman with a fake ass makes50 times more than the commander

in chief of the greatest army

the world has ever known,and the aliens

would be like, "We're gonna[bleep]ing kill you all, okay?

"Oh, my God. You could'vestopped at football.

We were gonna kill youat football."