"Hey It's Fluffy!" - Martin the Mess Pt. 2

Mark Viera & Barry Brewer Season 3, Ep 2 10/11/2014 Views: 1,461

After Martin parties too hard and gets himself into deep trouble, Fluffy has to act fast to save him from his father's wrath. (2:20)

Huh?You almost gotyourself killed, bro.

Come on, you got to stop tryingto be cool, and wise up.

Dude, you're right.I'm not coveringfor you anymore.

You're a goodfriend, Fluffy.

I'm gonna change my ways.

Hey, Martin, we'rein the mood to dosomething crazy.

And wild.Nice!

Let's steal my dad's carand go to Mexico.

That's a reallycool idea.

(laughs):Later, Fluffy!

This is so cool.And wild.

And sexy.

(engine sputtering)

Aw, shoot,I'm going back.

We need waterin the engine.

Fluffy! Martin'scoming back.

And his car'sfull of weed!

(tires squeal)



Must... destroy... son.

Dad, no!I can explain!

Must... find something

to beat son.

Save me, Fluffy!

You got to saythat I'm cooler than you

in front of all your friends.

Fine! Fluffy hereis cooler than me.

Well, if Fluffy'scooler than you,

then you're not cool at all.



Mr. Hernandez, I knowyou're looking forward

to brutallydisciplining your son...

I am.

I know that.But before you do,

how would you like to...

...have a little somethingto settle your nerves first?

That's a good idea.

You're a good little boy,Gabrielito.

Oh... ho-ho!

I can't be madat you, son.

Come to Papa.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, too, Martin!

Let's all go have some pie.

I don't know what themoral of any of this is.

Neither do I, Fluffy,neither do I.

Maybe that's the moral--

that sometimes youstick up for your friends

even if there is no moral.

Nah, that'snot it.

Pure foolishness.Dumb girl.

Dude, thatdog's a liar.

I don't think so, you guys.