Jim Breuer - High Rollers

Dana Gould Season 1, Ep 5 08/25/1997 Views: 10,707

Stoners like to watch TV and talk about how they could win any game show. (1:21)

>> I used to have this one

friend Gene.

He used to be high all the time.

He's a big pothead, you know.

He always tried to, "Come on,


It's me and you.

Smoke, man.

Nobody's gonna know."

Hey, look at my eyes.

If I was high, everyone would be

knowing, because look at me.

My eyes would be shut if I was



Hey, this is great pot.


Sorry, man.

I'm high, man.

Gene was the funniest.

All he would do--stoners,

all they do is just, like,

sit down.

They love watching TV and

analyzing things.

He used to sit and watch

all the game shows.

"Yo, man.

I want to be on a game show,


I know all the answers, man."

You can stump any stoner with

one question on any show.

Like, "All right, stoners.

You guys ready for the big money


"Bring it on, man."


>> What were we just talking


[playful music]

[buzzard sounds]

>> Um...

did I win?

>> Okay, the lightning round

should be a lot of fun.