Were-car in New New York

The Honking Season 3, Ep 1 01/16/2008 Views: 47,368

As a were-car terrorizes New New York, Bender grows more and more nervous. (1:59)

( groans )

( moaning )

Bender, you look awful.

I prescribe makeup.

Here. It just so happensI have my Mary Kay sample case.

Ah, I just need sleep.

I had nightmares all nightabout cars running people over.

Many people dreamof a fresh new look

and Mary Kay can makethose dreams come true.

Look at this!

They found thosesame rubbery tracks

right here in New New York.

There was a hit-and-run bythe Robot Porno Theater.

( gasps )

Robot Porno Theater?

I was in that...general area last night.

Whoever ran me downout on the moors

must've followed me back here.

Bender, mon, no one'strying to run you over.

Stop being a bighallucinating baby.


Well, could a big

hallucinatingbaby do this?

( crying )

I scared.

( tires squealing )

( laughing )

I don't knowwhich I like more--

smashing carsor smashing faces.

Well, lucky you don'tgot to decide tonight.

Now, come on, we gotchurch tomorrow.

( engine idling )

( clanks )

( engine revs )

Did you hear something?

Eh, it was probablyjust a golden marmoset.

( engine revs )

That don't sound like

no golden marmosetI ever heard.

( whimpering, screaming )

( panting )


Made it.

So, anyway, uh,what are youwearing tomorrow?

( screaming )

CAR:Honk, honk, honk!

( howling )