"Hey It's Fluffy!" - Martin the Mess Pt. 1

Mark Viera & Barry Brewer Season 3, Ep 2 10/11/2014 Views: 2,561

Fluffy becomes worried about Martin when he realizes that his friend can't stop partying. (1:41)

know how long you've beencarrying this trifler, Martin?

No, they don't.

Let's watch.

Shall we?

♪ This is the Fluffy Show

♪ Hey, it's Fluffy!

Hey, Martin, stop.

Aw, what is it, Dad?

(heavy sigh)

Martin, I came to this country

so you could have a good life,

but you've become a bad person.

You hang out with otherbad children and drink.

What are you talking about?

Look at Gabriel--he's my best friend.

Hi, Mr. Hernandez.

He doesn't drink,he doesn't party,

he doesn't go with girls.

He doesn't doanything cool, ever.

He's just a gigantic nerd.

Is this true, Gabriel?

Are you as boringas my son promises me you are?


Go in peace, Martin.

I should nothave doubted you.

That was not cool, Martin.

Dude, I'm sorry--I just needed to gethim off my case.

He's got thisbug up his ass.

He thinks I'm ditching schooland drinking all the time.

I'm sorry to beso sensitive, Martin.

It must be rough to have yourdad not trust you like that.

It is.

(lively chatter, dance music)Later.

(siren blares)

I don't feel so good.

You're so hot, Martin.

I know, right?




Martin! Martin!