President of Playlists

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 01/10/2017 Views: 151

Barack Obama hopes to land a job at Spotify after his presidency, so Katie O'Brien, Flula Borg and Ify Nwadiwe find other suitable tech jobs for him. (1:22)

We're days away from the endof Obama's presidency, which...

I don't knowif you guys are aware--

we're gettinga new president pretty soon?

-You guys don't pay attention tothe news. -(audience groaning)

But-but what'sHussein-in-the-Membrane

got planned now that he won't bebusy pardoning turkeys 24/7?

Well, according to Billboard, Obama made an offhand remark

to the ambassador to Sweden

-that he's still waiting forhis job at Spotify. -(laughter)

The well-known streaming servicethat informs your friends

you were listeningto Papa Roach all day.

Well, Obama's quip inspiredSpotify CEO

Daniel Elk to tweet,"Hey @BarackObama,

"I heard you were interestedin a role at Spotify.

Have you seen this one?"

And it wasn't just himpointing at his dick,

althoughthat would have been hilarious.

It was actually a job listing

for President of Playlistsright here.

Ah, we're having lots of fun.Makes you forget for

a second thatthe next Secretary of Defense

is probably goingto be Waluigi.

-(laughter and groaning)-Um, so, comedians...

Comedians, in case

the Spotify gigdoesn't work out, what's another

tech job Obama might considerafter office?


I think he's gonna bring hopeand change

to the street fight videoson Worldstar Hip Hop.

-HARDWICK: Yes, points. Points.-(laughter)

-Katy.-Um, I don't know about Obama,

but Biden's got a job moderating

the all-natural MILF subreddit.

-HARDWICK: Okay, points. Yeah.-(laughter)

-All-natural, Flula.-President of Tinder,

because he's usedto dealing with dicks all day.

-HARDWICK: All right, points.Very good one. -(laughter)