Natasha Leggero - Burning Man

Natasha Leggero: Live at Bimbo's Season 1, Ep 1 08/22/2015 Views: 4,891

Natasha Leggero details the reasons why she never wants to go to Burning Man and wonders why some people are so eager to go off the grid. (1:42)

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Do you guys know whatBurning Man is?

(cheering)It's like...

It's a great place to gobreast-feed your pet ferret.


And he really wants me to go.

I mean, if I wanted to be a partof a dysfunctional community

of white people in the desert,I'd move to Arizona.

There's no showers.

I need two baths a day.

I know there'sa drought happening.

Maybe my two baths will mean

people in Barstowdon't get bagels,

but you know what?

Something I have learnedto deal with.

My friends are, like...

My friends will goto Burning Man.

They're, like,"I go there to meet dudes."

Okay, if I wanted to have sex

with some creepy dudein goggles,

I'd stay homeand (bleep) a welder.

At least then, I wouldn't haveto listen to didgeridoo solos

in between orgasms.

Like, the...

I'm sorry if anyone hereis really into Burning Man,

but just like...I've never been.

I've never been,and I hate it, but, like...

'Cause you seethese people talking.

Like, I heard this guy bragging.He was, like...

He goes to Burning Manevery year.

He's, like, "Yeah, my kiddoesn't have a birth ce..."

Oh, 'cause they're all...This is what I have to say.

They're all obsessedwith being off the grid.

You know, like, they don't wantto be a part of, like, society.

So, I heard this guy bragging.

He's, like,"Yeah, my kid doesn't have

a birth certificateor a Social Security number."

I'm, like, "Oh, really?

"Well, I wonder who,in 50 years, is going

"to be doing yard work formiddle-class Latino families.

Your child."