Emily Heller - How to Enjoy Hip Hop

Emily Heller Season 5, Ep 9 09/23/2016 Views: 1,010

As a fan of hip hop, Emily Heller has figured out how to listen to it without being offended by any problematic lyrics. (1:23)

Here's the thing, though,

I am a woman,thank you for noticing.

And sometimes in hip-hop,

they talk about uslike we can't hear them.

I don't knowif you've noticed that.

It's like,"Oof, that was rude.

You know you're inthe booth right now?"

But I don't wantto stop listening

'cause it's good music,so here's what I've been doing,

I have just been pretending

they're talkingabout something else.

I just willfully misconstruethe lyrics.

Like, when Juvenile's like,

"Girl, you look good, why don'tyou back that thing up?"

I'm like, "He's probably talkingabout her hard drive, right?

"She should back that up,

"she's got a lot of importantwork files on there.

"He doesn't want herto lose them

"because he caresabout her career.

"That's not juvenile at all.

That's very mature."


When Snoop's like,"Bitches ain't shit,"

I'm like, "You're right,they're not shit,

"they're valuable membersof society.

"I am gonna takethat double negative,

turn it into a double positive.Thank you very much."

"I've got hoesin different area codes."

"My gardening businessis taking off.

"We are expanding.

Multiple counties."