How the Media Creates Campaign Outrage

October 5, 2016 - Mark Duplass 10/05/2016 Views: 99,777

Trevor lambasts the media for taking out of context Hillary Clinton's portrayal of Bernie Sanders supporters and Donald Trump's poorly-worded commentary on veterans with PTSD. (6:55)

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-(laughter)-Now, with just 33 days left

until America chooses betweenits first female president

or its firstwhat-the-(bleep) president,

-(laughter)-you can feel that tensions

in the countryhave never been higher.

Which makes you wonder...why the media

is manufacturing tensions wherethere don't need to be any.

For example, I'm sure by nowyou've heard about Hillary

being in hot waterfor her various, uh, ailments,

but also, figuratively,in hot water for a tape

that was leaked of her talkingabout Millennial voters.

In the Clinton camp,in full damage-control mode

after Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders supporters

are "basement dwellers."

Wow. She's going aftereverybody.

What an incredible insult.

This is not going to endear herto the Millennials.

She insulted themas "basement dwellers."

Hillary Clinton thinksBernie Sanders supporters

are hopeless and ignorant

basement dwellers.

That's the most offensive thingthat anyone has said.

I did not grow upin Mommy's basement.

Hey, Millennials,you're losers!


Who are you talking to?

Young people don't watch Fox.


Who are you saying that to?


You're just shouting thatto a random camera.

The only Millennialswatching your show

are actually 1,000 years old.

And, by the way, why is italways the basement in America?

I don't understand.

'Cause when I finished school,I moved into the tree house.

Guys, I'm-I'm joking,I'm jok...

I don't live in a tree house.

This is my house.

Yes.I can afford mud.

-Africa jokes.-(laughter)

The first time you knew it was ajoke, but now you're not sure.


So, the media spends a daygoing after Hillary

for disparaging Berniesupporters, as they should,

if that's what she really said,

which if you actually listento the full clip,

you realize it is not.

CLINTON: They're children of the Great Recession,

and they are living in their parents' basement.

Uh, they feel that they got their education and the jobs

that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned

for themselves and they don't see much of a future.

So I think we all should be really understanding of that

and we should try to do the best we can, uh,

not to be, you know, a wet blanket on idealism.

You want people to be idealistic.

We want people to be idealistic.

After the election, of course.

Until November 8, we just wantthem to vote for me.

Vote for me.

But look, the truth is,she wasn't saying

Bernie supporterswere losers at all.

In fact, she was praising themfor their idealism

in the face of economic trouble.

Why didn't everyone just watchthe whole clip?

It seems that the news media isso addicted to phony outrage,

that they even feel the need totarget Donald Trump,

a man who is one of the leadingproducers of real outrage.

All you need is patience.

Just wait five minutes,and he'll give you something.

But instead of focusingon the real things

Donald Trump has done or said

they waste our time with outragelike this.

TV REPORTER: Trump today is stirring another controversy

after appearing to suggest that veterans with PTSD

are not strong.

Ripped in both the media and onTwitter for appearing to suggest

that strong peopledon't suffer PTSD.

Even this morning the Daily News, "My son was not weak."

Donald Trump's commentsare not just ignorant.

They're harmful.

I can't believe Donald Trumpmocked veterans

who suffer with PTSD.

And I can't believe thathe called them weak.

You know why I can't believe it?

Because I actually watchedwhat he really said,

and for once,he was being decent.

When people come back from warand combat,

and they see things that maybea lot of the folks in this room

have seen many times over,and you're strong

and you can handle it, but a lotof people can't handle it.

And they see horror stories.

They see events that youcouldn't see in a movie.

Nobody would believe it.

So we're going to have a very,very robust,

very, very robust, uh, uh,level of performance

having to do with mental health.

Now, that last partdidn't make sense.

Robust, robust, level ofperformance, robust, robust.

But the truth is, Trump wasactually being compassionate

to soldiers with PTSD.

And I realize that when it comesto discussing PTSD,

there's a stigma involvedthat we should be careful

not to exacerbatewith our language,

but clearly, Trump was nottrying to demean anybody

in this particular case.

You know, clearly,he was having an off day.

The point is, the point is,this is the formula:

The news misreports a story.

The pundits then hype the story,

and then the campaignexploits the story.

And the entire time,there is no story.

It's like the M. Night Shyamalanof news.

There was nothing there.

One of the most egregiousexamples this week

was when they went in onformer New York Mayor,

and not often sympathy getter,Rudy Giuliani.

The reality is, this man,26 years ago,

had some failures,

and then he built an empire.

I'd like that working for me,for the United States.

Don't you think a man who hasthis kind of economic genius

is a lot better for theUnited States than a woman.

And the only thingshe's ever produced

is a lot of work for the FBIchecking out her emails.

Now, uh, in watching that clip

there are a few thingsthat you noticed.

One, you can't convince me thata guy who lost $1 billion

is a genius. All right?Stop trying.

Because then, by your logic,Rudy Giuliani,

Hillary Clintonis a genius at e-mails

because she lost 30,000 of them.

Hmm? Hmm? Yeah.

And the second thing you noticein that clip

is that Rudy Giulianihas some jacked-up glasses.

When the (bleep) happened there?

What the (bleep) is going onwith those glasses?

It looks likeTrump intentionally

sat on your glasses and thenforced you to go out on TV.

Just like, "Oh, my bad.

"Now, get out thereand surrogate for me,

you four-eyed bitch.Go on."

What are you doing, Rudy?

Come on, your facedoesn't give you the leeway

to make mistakes like that.


But even withhis jacked-up glasses,

I don't think Giuliani couldhave seen this reaction coming.

REPORTER: Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani

is stirring up controversy after telling an interviewer

that Donald Trump would be better than a woman

in the White House.

Rudy Giuliani praises DonaldTrump as an economic genius,

but did he also hit HillaryClinton with a sexist slam?

What is he saying-- that a woman

can't handle the economy'cause she's female?

Rudy Giuliani,uh, talked about how--

on one of the Sunday shows--how Trump would be

better for the United Statesthan a woman.

That's a direct quote from Rudy.

That-That's... that's not h...He said "man"

then described Trump, thenhe said "woman" then descr...

Like, I can't believeI'm saying this,

but you're not being fairto Giuliani.

You can't cut a sentenceand then make him the bad guy

for this cut that you created.

You know, thank God cable newsdoesn't edit real movies.

Because can you imagineevery single great scene

that would betaken out of context?

One chance, just one chance

to come back here,and tell our enemies

that they may take our lives.

Let's go home.

(Scottish accent): Well,that movie was a load of crap.