Kent Haines - BYOB Strip Club

Season 4, Ep 0407 12/04/2009 Views: 4,230

The BYOB strip club fills a very important niche in the strip club market. (1:16)

...just to show I'm not (bleep)around anymore.

Ah, we have fun, don't we?

Um, a little while agoa buddy of mine was trying

to get me to go to this, uh,strip club with him.

I was like, "I don't know ifI want to go to a strip club."

He's like,"Dude, we gotta go. BYOB."

Like, that washis selling point.

Like, "Oh, well, then obviously,I must attend."

I didn't even believe him.It sounded ridiculous.

But then I looked it upand there actually is

a BYOB strip clubin Philadelphia,

which blew my mind,but the more I think about it,

the BYOB strip clubfills a very important niche

in the strip club market.

Um, because, I mean,we've all been

at a traditional strip club,

and the wine list is pedestrian.

You know, half the whites

from California,they're all screw tops.

And the sommelier couldn't tella Sancerre from a sandwich.

And I'm just sitting therethe whole time thinking,

"I have in my cellar at home

"a 2002 Argentinean Malbecthat would go perfectly

with that 42-year-old'shysterectomy scars."

And it just...

It takes me out of it.

I don't know.