Brian Posehn - Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape

The One With the Improv Troupe Season 3, Ep 1 09/27/2016 Views: 1,280

Fan Brian Posehn mourns the loss of several wrestlers, including the still-living Hulk Hogan. (2:18)

- I'm a wrestling fan.Any other wrestling fans?


Like, not a lot, so...

the rest of you,fuck you and your fake sport.

I love wrestling.

We lost some key guyslast year in 2015.

We lost some crucial guys,some Hall of Famers,

some old-timers.

We lost Rowdy Roddy Piper.

We lostthe Ultimate Warrior.

We lost Hulk Hogan...


To racism.

And I don't know if you knowthe whole story

of why Hulk Hoganwas in the news last year,

but it turns outhe made a sex tape.

Oh, my God.

I want to fucking get in lineto never, ever see

the Hulk Hogan sex tape.

And duringthe Hulk Hogan sex tape

where the controversy arose,

is apparently he saysthe N-word a bunch

while he's having sexwith the lady.

He says the N-word.

Which, who hasn't hadsex, right?

It's super racist.

No, it's fucking not.

You're not doing it right,Hulkster.

And what I loveabout that story

is it was recordedfour years ago,

and we're just hearingabout it now,

proving my pointthat no one wanted to watch

the fucking Hulk Hogansex tape.

It was sittingon some wrestling nerd's

pile of shit to watchfor, like, four years.

He's like,"Well...

"I made it throughall those 'Doctor Who's.

"That tooklonger than I thought.

"I guess I'll watchHulk Hogan fuck a lady.

Oh, my God!He's racist!"


And if you're surprisedHulk Hogan's racist,

you've never lookedat Hulk Hogan.

That dude looks racistfrom a long ways away.

'Cause that fucking mustacheis made of racism.

I bet if you watchthe sex tape--and don't,

but if you did,you'd find out it's not even

Hulkster being racist.

It's hisracist-talking mustache.

He was, like, having sexwith the lady

and his 'stache is like,"N-word. N-word. N-word."

He's like, "Brother,trying to have sex here."


"Should have shaved offmy talking, racist mustache

when I realized it hatedMexicans last year."

"Don't get me started."