Nate Bargatze - Playing "Madden Football"

Norton, O'Reilly, Bargatze, Jackson, Vecchione, Mandel, Dalton Season 3, Ep 2 06/27/2008 Views: 66,225

Nate Bargatze is overwhelmed by the many decisions he has to make while playing "Madden Football." (1:08)

I love playing video games.

I love playing Madden Football.

A lot of fun. Madden's very fun.

Very exciting.

The thing with MaddenFootball, though, is like,

when you used to play,

you would just pick yourfavorite team, and that was it.

There wasn't a lot to it.

But now, when you play,they have you, like,

running the whole stadiumwhen you play.

Like, before you start,they're like, "All right,

how much would you liketo charge for hot dogs?"

You're like, "Look,

I'm not gonna lie to you--I don't even know

how much a fake hot dogwould go for.

Like, I don't even,I didn't, I didn't know

we were getting this serious

about the game.Like, I didn't...

I didn't go to college.

That's why I'm playing this game

is because...I didn't go to college.

I don't even...

And they give the playersfeelings, too.

Like, they give allthe players feelings.

You have to hear that.

I'll play with the Titans.

I'll play with Vince Young,

And they'll be like,"Hey, uh, Vince

is not happy with his contract,"

and I'm like,"Well, tell Vincent

"that he is not real and...

"and I will reset usand start over, if he doesn't

clean up his attitude."