Tracy Morgan - Give Back

Tracy Morgan: One Mic Season 1, Ep 101 08/26/2002 Views: 5,411

Tracy Morgan explains the kind of encouragement that he would like to get from his wife. (2:10)

I don't mean to sound sleazy...

but I don't want it.

It's marriage, man.

You got to reciprocate.

You got to put back inwhat you take out.

Especially the ladies, man

'cause sometimes y'all couldstart taking us for granted, too

and that's where the strip clubsand the porno come from

'cause somebody got to kiss itand make it better.

My ego's bruised.

The boss done kick me aroundfor nine hours.

I come home, you don't wantto bother with me no more.

I come to bed,you wearing dungaree shorts

with a long pullover shirt.

When I met you,it wasn't like that.

You used to walk around

with the thongs and stuff on.

Things have changed now.

You wrong. Reciprocate.

Give back.

It's the only way we canmake this marriage last.

You make love, I don't careabout you fake it.

Make some noise.

That's why we watch porno

'cause those womenare theatrical.

You want me

to hurry up and get off of you,then encourage me.

Encourage me.

Encourage me.

I need encouragement, too.

Make some noise.

Those women on those sets--I know they're pros

and getting $3,000 an hour

but they know exactly whatI want to hear when I'm there

'cause they be goingall out, right?

"Ah! Ah!


"I love it.

It's so huge."

And you bemasturbating intensely.

( laughter )

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!"

And your wife be in the kitchenhearing all that nonsense.

"Sometimes I just hate him!