Gina Brillon - Crazy Stuff in New York

Gould, Evans, Brillon, Katz, Varghese, Malik S., Kaler Season 2, Ep 2 07/12/2007 Views: 3,209

You can tell who the tourists are by how they react to a homeless guy playing with his nipples. (2:09)

That's why I love New York City,lots of energy here.

I'm a native New Yorker;born and raised in the Bronx.

Awesome. Wow.

Some of you made it out.

Good. Congratulations.

I love being from New York.

And I realize whypeople love coming here.

You know, it's because of allthe crazy stuff that happens.

'Cause this is a crazy city,

but we don't realize itbecause we're New Yorkers.

Just doesn't evenfaze us anymore.

Like the other day,

I saw a homeless guyplaying with his nipples.

Middle of Fifth Avenue, just...

Lifted his shirt up to here.

'Cause that's how you do.

And just, head back.

And you could tellwho the tourists were,

'cause they're walking by going,"Oh, my God, that's disgusting.

That is appalling."

(makes clicking noise)


"He's touchinghis nipples, Beth.

"They're not gonnabelieve this back home.

How many exposuresdoes this have?"

It's the one city,though, I think,

New York is that one city

where you wake up and youactually want to fight someone.

Ever have that?

Yeah, you know whatI'm talking about?

Like, you wake upand you're like,

"Please, let someonestart with me today.

"Please. I just...

got to fight someone."

And the other day, I was in thatmood, and I get on the train.

I'm trying to talk myself outof it, 'cause what am I, crazy?

I want to fight somebody?

I can't even fight.

And I saw this woman, she lookedlike a friend of mine,

so I waved to her,and I'm like, "Hey."

And it wasn't my friend.

So now I have to justify it,and I'm like, "I'm sorry, ma'am,

you look just likeone of my best friends."

And she goes,"I don't look like anyone!"

I know.

So in my head,I was like, "Yes!"

'Cause now I get to fight her.

So then I say to her,I'm like, "That's so weird,

'cause the girl you look likeis a bitch, too."

I win.

In our high-stakes gameof attitude poker,

she gave me the pair,

I gave her the royal flush.

I was like, "No, no.

"I've played before.

And I do play to win."