Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Arianna Huffington Talks Trump Presidency

06/13/2016 Views: 479

Larry finds out how far Arianna Huffington would go to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. (1:33)

- All right.(cheering and applause)

I'm here with Arianna Huffington.

It's time for the game we like to call keep it 100.

Keep it 100. (laughter)

All right.

I'm gonna ask you a question.

You have to keep your answer 100% real.

- [Arianna] Okay.

- You know what I'm talking about.

If you do, you get a nice little sticker.

Isn't that nice?


If you don't, I've gotta throw

some weak tea at you, Arianna.

I'm really sorry.


- This is nerve wracking.

- Yes, it is.

This is a fun one, though.

You'll enjoy this.

So you wrote a book called The Sleep Revolution.

Best seller list, congratulations.

(cheering and applause)

And you talk in depth about how a good

night's sleep is something we all need.

And that you get eighthours a night yourself.

Is that right?

- Especially before I dothe Larry Wilmore show.

- Yes, have to.(laughter)

Some people may be sleeping right now.

Who knows. (laughter)

Okay, here's something in a sense that's

better than a good night's sleep.

You alone have been told that you can

prevent the Donald Trump presidency.

You have this power now.

The only catch is you can only sleep

two hours a night now for the rest of your life.

- Right.

- [Larry] And the othersix hours you have

to watch The Apprentice.

Now. (laughter)

Are you doing itto prevent that?

- I would--

- [Larry] Will you go down at two hours a night for us?

- I would absolutely go down

to two seconds a night to prevent--

(cheering and applause)

- You got 100.

Nice, Arianna.

Very good, Arianna.

Good job.

Thanks for beinghere, everybody.

100, yeah.