Dr. Zoidberg's Promise

The Tip of the Zoidberg Season 6, Ep 23 08/18/2011 Views: 27,608

The Planet Express crew turns on Dr. Zoidberg, and Professor Farnsworth recalls a time when he saved Zoidberg's life. (2:36)

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Oy, I lost another one.

(door opens)

Zoidberg, I'm sorryto break it to you this way,

but we hate you and we neverwant to see you again.

But friends...

We're not your friends!

We're your victims!

I was just trying to...

Shut up and giveme my kidney back!

(sniffles)I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.(sobbing)

We don't know why the Professorkeeps you around here,

and we don't care.You're a terrible doctor!

Nobody wantsto see you ever again!

Dr. Zoidberg!

I want to seeyou right now!

The time hascome, my friend.

We have to talk aboutour arrangement.

Oh, no. No, no.

Oh, no, no, no!

Oh, no!

Oh, no!

(yeti growling)

Unpaw him, you big ape!

I saw this in a Tarzan movie!

It was called...(grunts)

Tarzan Versus the Yetis.

(grunts)I lost my virginity

(grunts)... during the film,

so I'm (grunts)...

a little fuzzy on the details.

(yeti growling,Professor grunts)

(Professor shouting)

(Professor and yeti grunt)

John, are youall right?

You... You saved my life!

Oh, fuff.Yes, fuff.

How can I everrepay you?

Do you need a slave?

Or maybe a butler?

No, I haven't needed a butler

since grad school.

But I do need a doctor.

I don't want to dielike those Marines, John.

The fever, the madness.

Don't forget the spasms,coma and death.

Oh, I don't wantto go through that.

I want you to kill me.

All right. Giveme the knife.

Not now!

Hypermalariacan lie dormant for years.

Isn't that what you said?

It sounds like somethingI would say.

So stay with me untilthe symptoms start,

then put meout of my misery.

You must swear!

All right, Hubert, I swear.

It's started, Zoidberg--

the fever, the muscle spasms.

I'm dying.

(coughs)It's time for you

to keep your promiseand kill me.

This is very difficult,but I'll try,