#HashtagWars - #AddSportsRuinAMovie

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 10/05/2016 Views: 593

Bob Saget, Rich Eisen and Greg Proops put an athletic twist on classic films. (1:36)

And now, good friends, it istime for tonight's #HashtagWars.

(cheering, applause)

This is a very busy time of yearfor sports, I'm told.

You got, uh, baseball playoffskicking off yesterday,

the NFL season underway,

Jose Conseco getting mistakenfor a seasonal pumpkin.

I mean, there'sso many things going on.

Since all the sporting events

are sure to give usmemorable cinematic moments,

tonight's hashtag is#AddSportsRuinAMovie.

Uh, examples might be-- A NASCAR Named Desire,

and Jurassic Gronk.

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock, and begin.

-Rich Eisen. -LeBron James and the Giant Peach.

-Yes, points.-(laughter)

Greg Proops.

A Beautiful Mind Addled by a Concussion.

-All right, points.Rich Eisen. -(laughter)

The Magnificent Seven with a Two-Point Conversion.

Well, Bob, it wasn't your turn,but I'm gonna...

I'm gonna give youa hundred points this time,

but if you do it again,you have to blow Rich.

Let's just don't give methe hundred points.

-I really want to blow Rich.-Okay, okay, great, great.

-Rich Eisen.-Do I get any say in this?


Indiana Pacers and the Legion Of Doom.

Yes, points.

Greg Proops.

-To Kill a Larry Bird. -All right, points.


Saving Nolan Ryan.

HARDWICK:Yes, points.


Schindler's Batting Order.

HARDWICK:All right, points.


The Prince of Roll Tides.

HARDWICK:Yes, points.

Very good.Greg Proops.

All Dogs Go to Michael Vick's House.

HARDWICK: All right, points.Oh, that's, uh...