Harboring a Mutant

The Mutants Are Revolting Season 6, Ep 12 09/02/2010 Views: 31,295

When Leela is exiled to Sewer City, the Planet Express crew speaks to the mayor about her deportation. (1:20)




Thanks, Colonel.

Just doing myjob, ma'am.

(doorbell rings)


Oh, Mom, Dad, I can't believe

I have to spend the restof my life in this hellhole.

I'm sorry.

It's okay, sweetie.

Now that you're here,

this hellhole feels morelike a nice, regular hole.

What do you saywe go get some sewer coffee,

sewer cakeand Safeway ice cream.


Well, the bottom's allstocked with cheap stuff.

Who's in themood to party?



Poor Leela.

I feel like I ruined her life.

You did ruin her life.

You might beright, Hermes.

I am right.

I almost feel like we should

do something to help her.

We should do something!

I don't care whatyou say, Hermes.

Let's go.

Oh, mighty Mayor,

we're here about Turanga Leela.

You mean Leela?


I mean, sure she's a mutant,

we've known that for years,

but we kept it secret 'causeshe's a fine, upstanding...

Wait. You knowinglyattempted to harbor a mutant?!

We did harbor a mutant!