Helping a Juvie

Scared Season 1, Ep 7 04/25/2007 Views: 9,671

Del brings his misbehaving nephew Hubble to Crenshaw House in an attempt to straighten him out. (1:30)

I'm having problemswith my nephew.

He's driving my sister crazy.

He's driving me crazy.

Shut up, Del.

It's Uncle Del, honey.All right?


DEL:Okay, thingshave escalated.

He's stealing moneyfrom his mother.

He's torturing little animals.

He took a crapon his therapist's desk.

That's nasty.Come on.Nasty.

He recently stole a car stereofrom the principal

of his school,and the principal

is pressing charges.

This little boy'snot going to juvenile hall.

Over my dead body.

So, I've spokento the judge,

and if I can get him to showsome remorse for this crime,

he will suspendhis sentence.

And that's whereyou people come in.

I want youto scare him straight today.

KENNY:Hey, guys,

you just show him a glimpseof your pathetic lives.

That'll scare him straight,right?

DEL:You people turn him around

today and I will personally seeto it that one month is reduced

from each one of your sentences.

(both cheering)30 days, yeah!

30 days!

Wait, wait, wait,w-what, what about me?

I'll add a month to yours.


Oh, yeah, it's on.I will beat down...

DEL:All right, all right,all right. (whistles)

He's just a little boy.

No one lays a hand on his head.

Or not only isthis deal off,

you will answer to me.

Del Brackton has been theremany times for Crenshaw House,

and today,

Crenshaw House is proudto be there

for Del Brackton.

We're going tobe there for you.What are you doing?


(Serenity laughing)

It's gonna be the easiestsentence reduction

I ever got.