Scabbing Bender

Bendless Love Season 3, Ep 6 01/22/2008 Views: 3,165

Bender crosses the bending plant picket line and bumps into his brother inside the factory. (1:54)

Give us a raise,you big fat jerk.


( whistles )

Yo, the Mafiasupports you,

but don't tellno one.

Spread the word.

As the duly electedmobsters of this union,

it's our dutyto support the struggle

of these proud lazy slobs.

Yeah, but what ifmanagement remainsin-trag-ni-sent?

From the context,it is clear what you mean.

In that case, Clampsmay have a littlesurprise for them.

The Clamps!


( evil laughter )

Aw, no, a strike?

Now I'll never getto bend anything.

Oh, woe is Bender.

Hang tough, brother.

Management refusedour demand

to switch casual Fridayto Monday.


And now they're hiring scabs

at ten times the normal wage.

Ten times normal wage?!

I'll give those jerks what for.

( excited shouting )

Welcomes aboard, scab.

Great to be here.

Come on, I'llintroduces you

to your scab coworkersyou'll be scabbing with.

This here'sour scab foreman.



Hey, sorryyou got sent

to that South AmericanTurkish prison

instead of me on accountof mistaken identity.

You bastard.

They treated me like an animal,

and that's what I became.

( evil laughter )

Nah, you're all right.

Good to see you, buddy.

Here's another scabwhat also works here--


( gasps )

( romantic music swelling )


SAL:Hey, yous guyses

want to move that things?

( striptease music playing )


( raspy laugh )

( coughs )