Gabriel Iglesias - Gaining Inches

Nick Guerra & Gina Yashere Season 2, Ep 2 10/11/2012 Views: 15,650

Gabriel Iglesias notices that Martin Moreno is bringing back the 80s. (0:40)

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Uh, people were asking Martin...

because, you know, people saw Stand-Up Revolution season one,

and they noticed thatyour hair is different.

Your hair is actually

three inches longerthan it was last year.

You know what, I'm just glad Ipicked up inches somewhere, bro.


(applause, laughter)

I'll take it.


Well, it's different, bro.

'Cause last year, you know,it was getting longer,

it kind of starts you're bringing backthe '80s, bro.

Oh... I wish I couldbring back the '80s.

I went hard in the '80s, bro.

You know, you that show,uh, Remember the '80s?

Mm-hmm.I'm glad they made it,

'cause I forgot halfthe crap that I did.