Tracy Morgan - We Made It!

Tracy Morgan: One Mic Season 1, Ep 101 08/26/2002 Views: 9,143

All of Tracy Morgan's old friends came out to party when he was hired at "Saturday Night Live." (3:48)

All this love.

I can't take it.

I'm overwhelmed.

This is fun to me.

This is what I do.You know, I'm glad...

I don't want to do nothing elsein life.

But my man's gonna keep puttingpressure on me.

"Yo, you better be funny."

( laughter )

"I'm telling you, man."

They mean well.

They just don't knowhow to express it.

"Telling you,this New York, Cuz.

You better be funny."

( laughter )

It's like when I got Saturday Night Live

I told my boy, Supreme, "Yo,I got Saturday Night Live!"

He said, "What? We made it!"

( laughter )

"We made it!"

I'm, like, "We?!"

"Ma! Ma! Yo, we made it!

"We got Saturday Night Live!

"Saturday Night!


We made it!"

Yo, Tre, my mom saidpick her up a couch.

( laughter )

Couldn't invite everybody here.

Everybody in the projects,"You know, could we come?"

I don't invite peopleto the show

no more, 'cause you invite them

and then they want to invitetheir friends

and their friendsinvite their friends.

And before you know it,you got an entourage--

60 people you don't even know,you never even met.

You know what I'm saying?

And they come downto Saturday Night Live

and they just come and sitat the table at the parties

and order all these drinksand all this food.

And my bill is $1,800.

I only had four Heinekens.

( laughter )

And, you know, my wife--she good with money.

"Yeah, well,how'd this happen?"

"That's my man and them."

( laughter )

Your womandon't want to hear that.

"Spend the money,but spend it on us

"so we could see where it's at.

Don't tell me about your...your man and them."

So, I had to go backto my man and them

"Yo, come on, Supreme,y'all can't be coming down.

"Hey, listen this is my job.

"Man, I know it's entertainment."But it's still my job.

"You can't be coming down here

bringing all these people downto my job scaring white people."

( laughter )

Some black peoplethink it's their job.

It's their jobto scare white people.

I'm a comedian.You can't do that.

They gonna fire me.

My man and them.



Don't come down here no more.

I don't just come to your jobwith 40 ounces

and blunts and stuff.

I don't just be bringing--showing up at your job.

This is my job.You can't come to my job.

Do I come to your job like that?

Supreme looked at me, said,"What mother ( bleep ) job?"

( laughter )

"This is our job!Coming to see you!

'Cause we made it."

( laughter )

"You changed, kid, you changed."

"I remember you livedon the seventh floor

"next to the incinerator.You changed.

"You changed, son, you changed.

"You know what I'm saying?We all support here.

"We all support.We all grew up together.

"We all grew up together.

"You got--Look at the support you got

"sitting at this tablearound you, man.

"You got 75 years worthof penitentiary time

sitting right here."

( laughter )

Dudes start standing up.

"Derrick, seven to 15-- murder."

"Mack, rape--three and a half to five."

( laughter )

"Clifford, manslaughter--25 years to life.

But I didn't do it."

( laughter )

How you get out?

And why you at Saturday Night Live?

And who told you aboutComedy Central?