Eugene Mirman - Bike Lane & Pilates

Eugene Mirman: An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory Season 1, Ep 1 12/14/2012 Views: 12,014

Eugene Mirman apologizes to a bike rider and professes his knowledge of pilates. (1:34)

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-I hit a guy on a bike witha door-- uh, with, of a car,

not like a door I carry around.

You'll be like, stop savingthe earth-- by accident.

I opened the door of my caband, uh, and I hit this guy

and he started screaming at me.

And he's like, lookwhere you're going!

You broke the law.

And I'm like, lookwhere you're going!

And we're just sort of yelling.

And I looked down andI see a bike lane.

And as he's screaming atme, I look at him and I go,

sorry, I was wrong.

He was so mad.

He was like, no big deal.

He had to go homeand be like, I met

this really nice guywho hit me with a door.

Who just, who just made me wantto cut people off in traffic

just to apologize and be like,sorry, that was my fault.

I was, uh, at acafe near my house.

Uh, and there were thesetwo guys in suits, these two

business guys, and one ofthem looked at the other

and went, hey, have youever heard of pilates?

And then the other guy went, no.

And then, to my surprise,they looked at me.

And the guy who went,went no, is like,

have you ever heard of pilates?

And I was just like, areyou saying "pirates" wrong?

They were.

There's no such thingas Somali pilates.