Noah Gardenswartz - Heartbroken Racism

Noah Gardenswartz Season 5, Ep 1 08/26/2016 Views: 1,327

Noah Gardenswartz talks about the type of women he's attracted to and discusses the pros and cons of interracial dating. (1:22)

I actually do find itamusing, though,

when people usea completely wrong word

and have no idea they're usingthe wrong word.

Like, just with full confidence.

Like, I've dated a lot ofblack women in my life.

And one time one of my friendscame up to me and was like,

"Man, you like your girlswith extra melatonin."



I was like,"I think you mean melanin.

I like 'em dark, not sleepy."

I will say, I do supportinterracial dating.

I live in a very diverseneighborhood in Brooklyn.

And several weeks ago

I saw an interracial couplehaving a horrible breakup

right inthe middle of the street.

Just saying theworst things to each other.

And that made me realize

interracial relationshipsare interesting

because they start as the leastracist thing you can do...

...but end as the reason why

you're the most racistyou could possibly become.

Because there's ignorant racism,

and there's heartbroken racism.

And heartbroken racismis way more vitriolic, okay?

Ignorant racism is like,

"All Mexicans are lazy."

Heartbroken racism is like,

"All Mexicans (bleep) thebartender from TGI Friday's."