Lafayette Wright - Steve Harvey's "Family Feud"

Washington, D.C. Season 1, Ep 6 11/06/2016 Views: 1,477

"Family Feud" fan Lafayette Wright explains why he not only loves the show but also thinks it's important for America. (1:14)

Let's give it up real quick now forthe fact

that a black man is in oneof the most powerful positions

in the world right now.

That's something we can clapfor, right? Yeah.

'Cause that's still--that'sstill a really big deal for me.

I don't want to gettoo sentimental up top,

but that's still, like,really big for me.

'Cause, you know, growing upblack in America,

I never thoughtin a million years

that I would get to see the day

where Steve Harveywas hosting the Family Feud.

It was just like--my grandmaand them was crying,

and Young Jeezy made a songfor Steve Harvey.

And, like, it's interestingto look at Family Feud now too.

What's the old thing they wouldsay--the old adage?

You know, "White people stolerock music from black people."

Hi, black people have stolenFamily Feud

from white people, okay.Y'all got jacked.

Completely different show now.

Everybody on Family Feud now,they fly.

Like, they got onthey loud-ass suits.

Like, Family Feudis like the new

Easter Sundayfor black people, okay?

And they cheat. They cheat.It's over the top.

They don't even try to hide it.

You know, Steve Harvey,he think he fly with his suit

as he walk out. He like,"We surveyed 150 people.

Top 10 answers on the board.Name a flavor of Kool-Aid.

Kirsten?""Fruit punch?"

[imitates buzzer]


[imitates bell]

Like Frankie Beverlyand Maze's plan and shit--

frigging--old black dudes doingthe electric slide.

That's slide is fun,you should check it out.