Uncensored - Chris Distefano - Original White Gangster

Chris Distefano Season 3, Ep 1 06/06/2014 Views: 11,336

The white people moving into Chris Distefano's neighborhood are really messing with his street cred. (1:34)

This job is fun, you know?

Get to travel a little bit.It's good.

I'm like, you know, I'm from,like, don't be fooled

by my whiteness, do not befooled by my Lance Bass,

'N Sync face, okay?

Yes, I'm from the streets, baby.

From this Bushwick Brooklynif you guys know what that is.

Some people may know, okay.

You don't, I know.

Some people may know.

It's an all-blackand Spanish neighborhood.

I've been living theresince 1984, 29 years,

OWG-- Original White Gangsta!


Representing the streets, mi gente.

I know mad words in Spanish.

Uh, "mi gente," "my people."

"Papas fritas," "french fries."

"Goya" is "Goya."

"Banco popular," "popular bank."

I know things.

But lately,what's been happening,

all over, you know, New York,and probably here,

you know, all overis gentrification.

That's what's been happeningeverywhere-- gentrification.

What's that?It's crazy-ass white people

from I-Don't-Know-Wheresvillemoving into my neighborhood

messing up my street credit.

I was the original white dude.

I was the only one.

And now I got these weirdohipsters coming in.

(effeminate voice):"Yoga classes, fruit shakes,racial harmony.

We're gonna make a difference."

You're gonna get shot.

Dude, you're ridinga unicycle down the street.

Someone's gonna shoot youin the face.

You're doing yogaoff a streetlamp.

I will kick you in the pussy.What are you...?