Ron Funches - Not a Tough Person

Ron Funches Season 3, Ep 6 06/20/2014 Views: 22,157

Ron Funches doesn't understand why anyone would want to act tough. (1:33)

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I'll tell you somethingabout me upfront.

I'm not a tough person.


Don't let this cashmere sweaterfool you.

I'm a tender heart.

I don't get itwhen people act tough.

I don't understand it.

To me, when you act tough,you're just saying,

"Hey, I've been through a lotof horrible stuff in my life,

"and I survived it,

and now, I'm readyto attack anybody."

"Like a pit bull."

I want a demeanor that says,

"I've never been throughanything at all...

and I'm just a pug ridinga decorative pillow."



"Where will I go today?Who knows?

But I shall be carried."


(Ron giggles)

(audience laughs)

Oh, you like that giggle?


Not used to a large black man

that giggleslike a Asian princess?

(laughter, scattered applause)