Nikki Glaser - Sex Demons

Nikki Glaser Season 2, Ep 2 05/03/2013 Views: 28,105

There's a very specific moment when Nikki Glaser sees guys expose their true selves. (1:31)

I'm looking forward tohaving sex again,

but sober sex is gonna be weird'cause I'm gonna be, um,

conscious for when you guys(bleep).

Uh, that's always frightening.

Did you guys know that you turninto demons when you (bleep)?

Are you aware of that?

Is that a thing that you...were conscious of?

It scared me the first timeit happened-- a lot.

I did not see it c...

'Cause you're so sweet to usup until that moment.

It's just like, "Oh, baby..."And then it's just like...

(gibbering shout)

And I'm like, "Whoa!Where's Scott?!

What did you do with Scott?!"Aah!

It's horrifying.(chuckles)

It's so sc...

Then... it-it gets...Then you col...

Then it's just...You collapse on us.

And it gets really quiet.

And I'm like, (whispering):"The beast is dead.

I killed him."

But then you reanimate backinto your old sel...

You're like, "Hey, babe."

I'm like, "I've seenthe real you! Get off!"


It's so scary.

But it's what you do, and it'sweird when you think about it

'cause all of us,we're all here right now,

like, living right now, becausesome dude once went like...

(gibbering shout)

Isn't that weird?

Have you ever thoughtabout that?

All of us.

Because some dude... I know.

And by some dude,I mean your father.