Love Your Smile

3 Buttholes Season 3, Ep 10 07/07/2015 Views: 53,428

Amy meets with a consultant to try to fix her lackluster smile. (3:05)

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I thinkI wore it best.

(Publicist)No. Look, Amy...

the general consensus isthat you're being held back

by your glaring flaw.

My lower back tattoo--Your smile.

You havea lower back tattoo?

No, I don't.

Your smile is garbagein all of these.

(Publicist)Terrible... awful...horrible.

So, you're gonna meetmy smile guy, David.

Dentist?No, he's a smile guy.

He's worked with allthe top smiles,

Julia Roberts,Swank, Bening...

Annette Bening?Mm-hmm!

Oh, my God.Go there now.

He's expecting you.Oh.

♪ You've got to smilefor the people ♪

♪ Each and every day

(Amy)"Smiles are the windowsto our teeth"?

Amy Schumer!Hi.

Such a pleasure!Hi, David.

Great to meet you.Great to meet you!

Okay, so, I hear we have somework to do on your smile.

Yeah, that'swhat Ali told me.

Okay, well, let's seewhere we're at.

If you could smilefor me, please?

Smile right now?Mm-hmm.


Okay, can I seesome teeth, please?

All right, we havea lot of work to do,

But it's nothingwe can't

figure out by the endof the session.

And-- and how long isthe session? I--

Ah, that all depends on howhard you're willing to work.

Um, wha-- what exactlydo we do?

Well, we begin.

Smile, please.



Try this--Cock your head,

and let that lead youinto the smile.

Almost like this.




No.Are you going to offerany suggestions?

You're not evendoing anything!

You're just cockingyour head to the side

and putting your top teethon your bottom lip.

I hate what you're doing.

It's not even a smile.It's not?

No, it's not!

You're sure?

No, I guessI'm not positive.

Yeah, I didn'tthink so.

Do it again, please.Cock, and smile.


Cock, and smile.

No.Cock, and smile.

Good.Cock, and smile.

Better!Cock, and smile.


Yes. Perfect.



And that is faster than

I've ever seenanyone get it.

You're a real pro.Yeah.

That's great, 'causethe Golden Globes are tonight!

I know.

♪ Let me see you smile

(Paparazzi shouting,cameras clicking)

♪ Baby, when you smile

♪ Smile ♪

(Ali)We're making progress!