Quick Question with Akilah Hughes - What Would Your App Do? - Uncensored

03/16/2017 Views: 136

Akilah Hughes asks Whitney Cummings, Nick Swardson, Tom Lennon and Chris Hardwick a simple question: If you had an app, what would it do? (0:55)

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- Hey, it's Akilah,

and I'm with Comedy Central, at South by Southwest.

We're talkin' to some comedians

about the things you wanna know.

What would your app do if you had one?

- I'm trying to work on an app

that makes me have a better personality.

- It would hold all text messages

that you send after midnight.

- It's just like a person that's looking out for you.

- Maybe a rare cello finder,so if you're in your town like,

"Where am I going to find some really fucking rare cellos?"

Not regularrun-of-the-mill cellos.

- I would make an app for Chris

that every time he gets offered a job

and he writes back yes,

it intervenes and blocks the email.

- I feel like you have a few jabs.

- Just a few.

- You have a new app.

- The theoretical Chris cyber app.

What does it do?

- I would just erase all the negativity

on the internet.- Oh my god!

- I'm gonna have to invent the app.

I'm gonna get so fuckingtrolled for that.

- It's so real.

- Yeah, I know,

it's so real. - Damn.

- But hey, South by Southwest.

- Thank you for being here.

Yeah! - Yes!

We did it!