G Reilly - Comics See the World Differently

Steve Simeone & G Reilly Season 3, Ep 4 10/25/2014 Views: 1,701

G Reilly argues that comedians should be able to say whatever they want in comedy clubs. (1:24)

I'm doing what I love.This is what I do.

You know? I know, I know.

I worked hard to get here,

and now, all of sudden,

that I'm here, right inthe middle of my career,

comedy wants to switch up.

Because now I comeinto a comedy club

and I say somethingthat's inappropriate

and you got a video camera on your phone

and you video meand then you put it on YouTube,

then it ends up on TMZ

and now I'm a (bleep).

Let me explain something.

You can't get mad or upset

at anything that's saidin a comedy club.

You getting upset is equivalentto me being in the men's room

and I fartand the guy next to me goes,

"Hey, man,what's wrong with you, man?"

Like, this iswhere it happens, man!

This is where it goes down!

We see the world different.

It's that simple.It's that simple.

Did you guys see King Kong?Did you guys see King Kong?

The original King Kong,the black-and-white King Kong.

You remember that scene

in King Kong,

when she was in the apartment

and all of sudden King Kong'sface came by the window?

And all you sawwas King Kong's face

in the window?

Do you rememberhow scared she was

when she saw King Kong's face?

Imagine how scared the woman was

that lived ten floors below her.

Eleven floors below her!

Twelve floors below her!

I'm G Reilly.Thank you for having me!