Nick Turner - Weight Loss Strategy

Nick Turner, Colin Jost, Reggie Watts Season 4, Ep 1 07/26/2013 Views: 2,550

Nick Turner knows that all you have to do to lose weight is shame yourself into having some portion control. (1:17)

Um, I have notimplemented it yet.


Uh, and that laughis so hurtful.

Here's what you do: if youwant to lose weight,

all you have to dois hang out with your friends

that are in good enough shapethat you are embarrassed to

eat the crap you want to eat.

Like, uh, if I go out to eatpizza with one of my model

friends, which is somethingI'm doing constantly, uh,

I'll be like, "Whatdo you want for lunch?

One slice of pizza?


Me too.

Oh, yeah.

I was going to sayit if you didn't.

One for me.

I'm an American man.

Just one in there.

Try fitting two,you can't...

You can't do it.

I'm a pro.

I can't believewe're eating pizza.

What a treat."

And then, when you go hangout with your dumb,

fat friends, it isso much easier.

And you're like,"Pizza for a meal?

Four slices for me."

Because that'swhat a meal is.

Three slices to get full,

and then one morebecause I'm worth it.