Zhivago Blea - Weed Trouble

Zhivago Blea, Cleto Rodriguez & Edwin San Juan Season 1, Ep 5 11/03/2011 Views: 9,294

Zhivago Blea's mother was pissed when he got his first felony. (1:06)

What's up, Arizona? Yes. Nice.

(cheering and applause)

I'm excited to be here.

Ladies, don't hate,but these highlights-- natural.


Shoot, man. I get a lot of,you know, "You look like Jesus.

When did Jesusstart doing comedy?"


I got no special powers.

I can turn water into pee.That's it.

This isn't just a look;it's a lifestyle.

I like weed.

I got in trouble a lotwith that stuff, man.

I was 13 when I gotmy first felony.

Yeah, my mom was pissed.

She was like, "Why, mijo? Why?

Even the fat kid got away."

Kept messing aroundand everything, you know.

Got a couple more felonies.

My uncle was all happy.

"Strike one, mijo. All right."

Ended up in prisonfor a little while, you know,

but I did get my GED in prison,which is a good thing.

(cheering)Thank you. Thank you.