Food Court

Working Season 1, Ep 9 05/09/2007 Views: 13,361

Kenny brings the housemates to the mall food court to encourage them to find jobs. (1:51)

Okay, guys, this is it.

Food court's lookingfor employees.

Get in there, apply,

and, guys, put on smiles.

No one's going to hirea frumpazoid, okay?

What do I needa job for?

I'm alreadya big ol' pimp.

(clapping hands):Crenshaw Team! Crenshaw Team!

(Muzak playing)

Hi. Can I help you?

My name is Serenity Johnsonand I am required by law

to inform youthat I am a convicted felon

in the state of Californiafor armed robbery.

Is y'all hiring felonsright now?

Um, I would justhave to check.

Don't be a punk-ass.Just say no.


Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. Hello?


Could I possibly speakwith your manager for a second?

What'cha need?

Can I see your manager please?Can you read?

I'm the manager. I'm in charge.

What, you hungryor something?

Uh, no. Actually,my name is Alan Shepherd.

I'm currentlyseeking employment.

This is my resume.

I have an undergraduatein Managerial Sciences

from Pomona School of Business.

Uh...You was in the joint?

Yes, well, yes. I do havesome felony convictions,

but I'm in the processof getting those expunged.

Good for you.

Well, the only thingI can offer,

you could be a server.

A server?

Put that on.

What up, black man?

What's up, pimp?How you feel?

Chillin', chillin'.

Chillin'. What's up with you?

Hey, man, look, I'm a felonUh huh.

so they're making meget a job.

Yeah. I could hook you up, man.

I had to fire this white boyyesterday over some bull.


What about assistant manager?How that sound?

Holla, I can handle that.Yeah, no doubt.

What up, Alan?Welcome to the team,bro, for sure.

Assist... He gets to beassistant manager?

Get to work!