Na'im Lynn - Need Every Race

Na'im Lynn Season 1, Ep 3 05/18/2012 Views: 2,145

Na'im Lynn explains how every race and every nationality serves a purpose in America. (1:58)

I like this, this is a nice,nice mix crowd.

I always like performing infront of mix crowds. Yeah.

(crowd cheers)

Yeah, ya'll didn't have to clapfor that but, you know.

Anybody in here racistby round of applause?

That's crazy man.You can't be racist these days.

You need every race, everynationality in this country.

Everybody serves a purpose.That's why our country is great.


I live in L.A.There's a lot of Mexicans.

People, some peoplehate Mexicans.

How can you hate Mexicans?If it weren't for Mexicans,

there wouldn't beno Mexican food.

You ever had guacamole?Guacamole is delicious.

How can you hate Asians, people?If it weren't for Asians,

where would you ya'll ladies getyour fake ass purses from?

Got your fake bags on...

Definitely can't hate blackpeople, you need us.

Black peopleare important, right?

CROWD: Yeah!Yeah...

Black people, black peopleinvented peanut butter.

Yeah, you didn't even know that.Did you, sir? Uh-uh.

If it weren't for peanut butter,people would be

walkin' aroundeating jelly sandwiches, man.

You need peanut butter.

You definitely can'thate white people,

'cause you need crackersfor the peanut butter.

Now, I feel very comfortableusing that word

in front of a roomfull of white people,

because I know the truedefinition of it. See...

We stupid, we think cracker,like, you think

you insulting somebody bycalling them a cracker.

'Cause they likea saltine or something. No.

Cracker came fromthe slavery times,

they used to crack that whipon our ass. Yeah.

I wish I was a white manand a black person

called me a cracker. I'd belike, "You damn right, boy."

Got your cracker right here.