John DiMaggio Reads Chuck Tingle Erotica

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 02/15/2017 Views: 12,615

John DiMaggio of Futurama fame gives a dramatic reading of Dr. Chuck Tingle's latest erotic novella, "Pounded by the Poll to Decide Which Tingler I Write." (2:32)

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Chuck Tingle's been here

drafting his"taintalizing" new saga,

Pounded by the Pole, to decidewhich Tingler I write,

which was chosen,uh, on our Twitter poll

by our pervert fans,uh, who I love.

The first chapter is done.Chuck, how did it go?

Oh, it went so good, huh?

I am the best authorin the world, so I know

when we have a hit on our hands.And we have a big-time hit.

Well, what is your...what is your

what is your strapping T. rexwhispering in your ear?

Oh, he's telling methat it's the biggest hit

and that we're gonna beHollywood big-timers.

-Okay, great. Well,I'm very excited. -Can we...

I'm very excited right now.

This is a very specialand confusing occasion.

-So we-we brought...-Chris, can we stop

calling him a T. rex?'Cause he's clearly a D. rex.


-100 points to Heather Campbell.-Hey.

-Uh...-WHEATON: I was gonna say

it looks like thingsare getting a little

rex in there. -We have a ver...we-we have a very special guest

we brought in to bring youthis brand-new Tingler.

Ladies and gentlemen,from one of my favorite shows,

you know him as Benderfrom Futurama,

John DiMaggio!

(cheering, applause)

Johnny DiMaggio.

-All right, stop, we're gonnarun out of time. -(mouths)

Stop it, the show's live.The show's live, I tell you!

All right. We're gonnarun out of time. John.

-Yes. It's great to be here.-Thank you for being here.

Well, it's really amazing--I'll be associated with this man

-for the rest of my life, so...-You will be. Yeah.

-(exhales deeply)-Do you mind... do you mind

giving us a little Benderwith this...

-Uh, no, absolutely not.-Okay.

-I-I would like to read thisall for you here. -Great.

(as Bender):"I realize now

"that the handsome pollis hitting on me.

"And this is anunmistakable truth.

"There is no denying now thatthis handsome, living poll

"is hot to trot

"for my wayas a struggling author.

"Overwhelmed with desire,

"I drop the headdown to my knees

"and unzip the pants

"of my handsome poll,

"gazing up at his muscular bod.

"Seconds later,

"the poll's massive dongsprings forth.

"It is so dang big!

"And I say, 'Oh heck.

"'That's a big dong.

'And it is sexy."

-Wow.-(cheering, applause)