Polygamy Scholygamy

Buck Wild Season 2, Ep 18 08/09/2016 Views: 1,429

When a man's childhood fantasy of having four wives comes to pass, he realizes that some dreams shouldn't come true. (1:05)

- Ever since I was a boy,

I wanted four wives.

[sweeping harp music]

- [smooching]

- [snorts]

[crowd cheering]


You minx.[laughs]

Careful girls, save some for me.[women moaning]

I'm about to jumpon the never-ending bang train.

Pelvic thrust times four.

[upbeat music]

Is that a hair--oh, oh, no.


[laughing mildly]

For charity.

No, Veronica,you don't look fat.

No, Tammy, your nosedoesn't look too big.

No, Sarah, your boobsaren't too small.


[corny sitcom laughter]

Ugh-ugh, next.

Ugh-ugh, next.

Ugh-ugh, next.



What's in there? [canned laughter]

Okay, who hasn't [bleep] yet?

[buzzer sounds]

- [grunts]

[intense electronica]