David O'Doherty - Beefs 2012

David O'Doherty Season 1, Ep 11 06/15/2012 Views: 1,542

David O'Doherty has advice for adults who take video games too seriously, guys who buy too many accessories for their cars and people who are obsessed with social media. (4:29)


you can mess with me once.

You might get away with it.

Mess with me twice,

and chances are I stillprobably won't remember.

But mess with me numerous timesacross a concerted period

in a similar way

and think you're goingto get away with it,

well, you're wrong.

'Cause I'm going to lampoon you

through a comedysong, song, song.

♪ I'm talking about my beefs,2-0-1-2 ♪

♪ Things I want to crushwith my fury shoes ♪

♪ My beefs, 2012

♪ Excuse me while I openthe gates of hell ♪

Celebrity news, stop appearingat the end of real news.

You diminish real news.

And the death tollfrom the earthquake

could rise as high as 30,000.

Christina Aguilera's cathas alopecia.

(bleep) off!

25-year-old men of America,

stop buyingpointless accessories

for your terrible cars.

It's not the Batmobile.

It's a 2002 Hyundai.

Blue lightsunderneath the chassis?

Oh, that's practical,in that it

stops junkies shooting upin your wheel arches.

Great stuff.

Next time you see anyone

with the blue lightsunderneath the chassis, in fact,

you're allowed to knockon the door and go, "Excuse me.

I think your gearboxcould be haunted."

Girls, stop telling meabout your dreams.

God, the fateful momentwhen it begins.

"I had a dream last night..."


I am never going to get

the next two minutesof my life back.

"I was on a horse,and then the horse was flying."

I couldn't give a (bleep)!

"It was unbelievable."

Well, of courseit's unbelievable.

What do you want,highly realistic dreams?

"I had a dream--it was like The Wire."


People with fancy smartphones,

stop trying to show mewhat your phone can do.

I don't care.

I know the truth--

there is no app for loneliness.

DVD playersand laptop computers,

play all regions of DVD.

If you don't, you're racist.

My friends, actual grown-ups,

stop taking computer gamesso seriously.

I have a friendwho got up at midnight

to get that Modern Warfare game

when it came outa few months ago,

and afterwards,he actually said,

"I consider this game

to be the modern equivalentof reading a novel."


It's the modern equivalentof getting a novel

and throwing it through a hoop.

The modern equivalentof reading a novel

is reading a modern novel, yeah?

He also plays Guitar Hero,which you shouldn't

be allowed to doover the age of about 14.

It's just the factthat sometimes,

when I go over to his houselate at night,

he answers the front doorand he's just

got, like, his undiesand a T-shirt

and the tiny, stupid guitar.

He's like,"Do you want to come in?

I'm just jammin'."

You're not jammin'!

Bob Marley was jammin'.

I think it just makes me sad

looking at himand just thinking,

God, the idea of a grown-up

dedicating this muchof their life

to attainingthis pointless expertise

in what amountsto a stupid plastic

children's toy musical inst...

(cheering and applause)

Finally,people who constantly update

what it is they're doingon the Internet

in the form of status updates.

From where I'm sitting,it seems like there's

two main schoolsof status update.

The first,and the most common, is just,

"Make your life soundas awesome as possible,"

not be like this,

"Just had a picnic up a hill.

What a perfect day."


I know what you're like.

You're bipolar.

You cry for half the morning.

But even more pointlessthan that is the other one.

"About to make an omelet."


You are about to undertakethe mighty omelet!

Thank goodnessyou told everyone!

This (bleep) could go any way.

Somebody contact NASA.

Contact CERN.

You might create a new element.

Clear a space on theperiodic table for omeleteum.

♪ Sort it out, world

♪ If you don't,then you risk being ♪

♪ Part of my beefs 2012.